Valentines Day Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents – By Certified Property Inspections


Rachel Coffman

February 1, 2024

People usually fall in to the LOVE IT or HATE IT category when it comes to Valentines Day and what it has become. But as a business owner you can use it to your benefit, because at the end of the day if you make someone feel loved… even if it is in the name of a winged baby…. They’re not going to be mad about it.

Valentine’s Day may seem like a commercialized extravaganza, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to show your customers how much you care. Take advantage of this month to go the extra mile and make your customers feel special. Consider rolling out the red carpet with your February marketing campaign to give your customers an experience fit for royalty. Or add a personal touch of love to your products or services so that your customers feel appreciated and valued. Even if your business doesn’t cater to hearts and roses, you can still show your customers some love and remind them of your gratitude for their loyalty and support. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little extra love and appreciation?

So how can you use it to your benefit as a real estate agent? A profession that seemingly has no link to the day? There are a few ideas that come to mind first like make a social media post, write a blog on the topic, and send an email campaign to your clients. Those are all awesome, and would probably get some good feedback! But by taking it a little further, we can make it more personal and impactful.

Here are 3 ideas for you to start working on this week:

  • Host an open house with a Valentines Day dinner raffle (Make it a whole event, invite everyone you can)
  • Send Valentines Day cards (friendly, not romantic hah) to clients or friends. Write personal notes if you’re feeling festive. (Don’t even mention real estate, just casually pop your logo and contact info at the bottom)
  • Host a charity event where you encourage others to match the cost of their valentines day meal to a donation that would go towards feeding those in need.

CHEERS! We at Certified Property Inspections hope you have a great Valentines Day!

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