The Power of Planning


Rachel Coffman

January 18, 2024

“A study by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews at the Dominican University in California reported in Inc. magazine, that the that act of writing down new year’s resolutions can improve one’s success rate in achieving them long-term by 42 percent.

It’s an exciting time to be able to think about the next 365 days. A clean slate it feels like, where we can dream as big as we want to. But how quickly does that fade? The excitement can turn to an uneasy feeling, then drift to regret after a month passes and we haven’t done that thing we resolved to do everyday. BUT it doesn’t have to go that way, if we takes specific steps to ensure our motivation stays alive. It’s important to remember that we are in control of what happens or doesn’t happen in our life.

It really can seem daunting to dream big.. But you’re absolutely capable of doing ANYTHING you want to do. All you need in a well executed plan, the ability to discipline yourself, and the humility to start wherever you are right now.

I found a company called Clever Fox that offers planners designed to help you stick to your goals. I am personally using one this year for the first time, and loving it so far!

You can get yours here ..and remember, it is undated so you can start anytime. It’s never too late! : Clever Fox Planner

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