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A resale home inspection is when you're purchasing a home from a seller that already owns the property. This is a thorough, non-invasive visual evaluation of the major systems of a home. Meaning, We can only inspect what we can see. our inspectors would be looking at the Roof, attic, interior/exterior walls, door frames, doors locks and windows, trim, slab, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, irrigation, pools, docks, lifts, and sea walls. 

We are unable to move the seller’s  belongings such as furniture, shelving, and boxes. We also of course, do not put holes in walls, pull up carpeting, move ceiling tiles, move insulation, etc. 

Resale Home Inspections

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A pre-dywall inspection is performed prior to insulation and drywall being installed. We will be going over the slab, framing, rough electrical, rough plumbing, rough HVAC, roof ( whichever phase it’s in ), and any doors and windows that have been installed. 

this is what the majority would think of when you say new construction inspection. The home is inspected from slab to roof. We inspection the Roof, attic, interior/exterior walls, door frames, doors, locks windows, appliances, trim, slab, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, irrigation, and any pools/spas. Large cosmetic flaws are also noted. 

final Walk-through

Pre Drywall

New construction

11 Month Warranty

Your warranty inspection allows you to bring your builders attention to home defects prior to your warrantY expiring. This inspection covers everything the final walk through inspection does, with the exception of appliances. Common issues would include failing shingles, plumbing leaks, settlement cracks, and faulty electrical or HVAC systems. 

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A four point inspection shows your insurance company that the home is in a good insurable condition. The report covers the roof, HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical. They're looking for a few different things including that the systems are not leaking, improperly installed, or that they do not have recalls from the manufacturer. 

A wind mitigation is an inspection your insurance provider will ask for based on the age of your home. these are never mandatory, however they pay for theirselves almost every time. It goes over how your home would withstand strong winds, such as a hurricane. The information is based off of factors including roof shape, roof deck attachment types, and hurricane impact opening protections.

Wind mitigations

insurance inspections

four point inspections

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Also known as mold testing, the air quality test samples air from both inside and outside the home. The samples show the spore count and whether they're elevated or in a normal range. 

Certified performs this test alongside a home inspection and the samples are sent to a lab for evaluation. The results are returned in 48 hours via email to the inspector. We will call you to go over the results and make sure you understand the report.  

air quality testing

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a WDO inspection covers any form of wood destroying organism. This is a visual inspection and includes more than just the termites that everyone is familiar with.

It include all types of organisms that “eat” wood. Meaning termites, certain "wood boring" beetles, and wood decay fungi. 

This inspection comes on a separate report from your home inspection, and results are given same day as your inspections. This form is accepted for VA home loans.

*All WDO inspections are performed by RC

Termite/WDO inspections



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