August 10, 2022

My Insurance Company Asked for a Wind Mitigation | Certified Property Inspections of SWFL

What is a Wind Mitigation Report and Why Do I Need One?

Put simply, a wind mitigation is a report that determines the credits that you will receive on your home insurance policy. This report goes over all the points in your home that make more stable when put against a storm with strong winds.

Here in South West Florida we have hurricanes that can completely destroy homes when not protected. While a lot of these protection levels are not required, it can be beneficial to have them for both your families safety and your wallet.

While the details on what your discount would be can only be answered by your insurance company, I can give insight on to what they will be looking for in your report.

Wind Mitigations:

Your inspector will be looking at your roof and all openings in the home. The openings will be windows and doors, including fixed windows and sliders. When it comes to your roof, they will be looking at the age of roof covering with documentation to prove if the roof was installed to any certain building codes, the method of attachment of roof to truss/rafters, the roof to wall attachment style such as toenails, clips, or straps, the shape of the roof which is hip, gable, etc. , the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier, and the opening protection rating of the home. These ratings are determined by stickers put on by the manufacturer.

Wind Mitigations are not a pass or fail inspection. It is a collection of information that will may or may not give you a discount on your insurance.


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